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How much time should a rider spend on their wakeboard riding and training each week?

I recently had a couple of students tell me that their wakeboard coach had them riding around three or four 25 minute sets each day, five or six days per week. My first question was if they were paying by the set. I guessed the coach was pounding them to ride that much so that he could maximize his profits with disregard for this students safety.

The only way someone should ever ride three sets in a day is if the sets are 10-15 minutes long. One or two 20-25 sets each day are really plenty for practicing moves on the water.

Here is an example of what a weekly riding schedule should look like that I would recommend.

Monday. Light work out or bike ride. Wakeboard set 20-25 minutes. Light trampoline training. Afternoon wakeboard session. Tuesday, the same schedule but possibly walking some tricks on land if needed.

Wednesday. One set on wednesday. Make one of the weekdays a light day. Ride one set or two really short sets.

Thursday and Friday would be the same program as Monday unless your feeling worn out, pace yourself. Use the weekends to do other fun stuff to break up your weekly routine and keep you feeling mentally fresh.

Be sure to warm up before each set. It is better to stretch after.

Wakeboarding is an impact sport. Your joints and connective muscles need rest or you will get hurt.

Be really careful if you have a wakeboard coach pushing you to ride more than what I’ve recommended here.


Be safe!

Darin Shapiro

Darin Shapiro


Darin Shapiro

Darin Shapiro
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