Riding on the Pro Wakeboard Tour by Pro Tour Champion Darin Shapiro

I just got back home from my first Pro Tour stop in 9 years. After being gone from competitive wake boarding for nearly a decade I am happy to say we had an awesome experience.  I entered the event with no expectations whatsoever and found myself enjoying the event more than I had ever remembered.

I was there to stand up my passes behind the Mastercraft X-Star and see where that would put me. My only goal was to make it into the top ten at the end of the event.

Having my son with me on the dock and seeing him excited was such a priceless gift that I can’t even put into words how amazing it was. All of the people there were showing me and my son all of the right reasons to come and share the stoke of the Pro Wakeboard tour.

Danno the mano was excellent on the mic, Brannon Thomas spinning records, Travis Moye driving, the judges, and all of the people involved in the production of the event were top notch and my hat goes off to you. Let’s not forget Buckman Ferguson!

Thank you Pro Tour!

And yes, I did make it into the top ten as a 40 year old wakeboarder!!!


Darin & Kien Shapiro