10 quick tips on how to get ready for a wakeboard contest by wakeboard legend Darin Shapiro

After roughly 20 years of competitive wake boarding I put together a few suggestions on how to make your wake boarding contest experience better.

1. Be prepared with the runs you’d like to do at least two weeks before the event.

2. Put together practical and realistic goals for the event.

3. Use tricks that you make at least 4 out of 5 attempts. It’s ok to have a trick that you make 3 out of 5 attempts if you feel like you really need it to get through a round or feel like that move has been going well.

4. Try to ride at the event location using the event boat before the contest.

5. As a rule I don’t hang out all day long at events that I compete in. Find out what time you ride and go find something to else to do for a little while. Hang out after you ride! Watching a ton of riding before you ride can get your mind going and get you off task. Keep the plan that you had two weeks ago!

6. If the conditions are totally different that what you have been practicing with, have a more basic back up run in place to do instead. Train for the event with a “B” run option.

7. Stay hydrated and eat what you normally eat for breakfast. Try to keep your contest day routine as close to your normal home routine as closely as possible.

8. When you get to the event and have not ridden there before, take a good look at where the boat turns around and which line the boat takes. Ask questions about “where are the starting bouys” are and “how is the boat weighted”.

9. If your ride well, smile. If you ride terribly, smile.


Darin Shapiro and the boys at “The Gravel Tour” 2013

10. This is wakeboarding, don’t take it too seriously! Whether its the “World Championships” or a backyard local event just remember to enjoy yourself and have fun!

The starting dock. Bill Porter, Darin Shapiro, Kien Shapiro and Shaun Murray